Okay the reason why I haven’t done much research into my character is because most of what my characters are like is taken from my memory ( Ha-ha I get it a memory pun ) of what I was like after my accident which caused me to lose mine. What I went through and a little part of how I got most of my memories back, the other parts where easy to imagen up since I have been writing stories for a couple of years now and I am always thinking of different stories in my head most of the day.

The part of my character Matt where his friends become strangers did happen to me shortly after my accident also I did become quite socially closed so elements I have taken and  wowed them up a little.


The brain is vulnerable to traumatic damage in two ways. The cerebral cortex can become bruised – contused – when the head strikes a hard object (or a hard objects strikes the head). Or, the deep white matter can suffer diffuse axonal injury when the head is whiplashed without hitting a hard object (or being hit by one). In serious whiplash injuries, the axons are stretched so much that they are damaged.

Also the measure of damage suffered to the persons memory can depend on the severity of the force applied to the victim.

Information taken from: http://www.braininjury.com/injured.html

I will not be using this information for my characters since the focus is more on their lives after the accident and not the accident itself.

The Warrior Poem finished!

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Film Literacy

Well I finally got round to filming my poem and I gotta admit the final result is something I am really proud of =) Hope people like it and so on so fourth…No hate mail!

Also check out my youtube for many more crap videos and junk 😀

The Warrior Poem Recorded

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Film Literacy

Okay! For Ronan’s narrative assignment I have now recorded my poem which is called The Warrior. Even though my voice is screwed thanks to a cold/cough thingy…Ah well it’s recorded now anyway

Here is the Poem ‘The Warrior’

The Warrior

I am the warrior who fights the good fight
My presence flows like beautiful light and I am possessed of grace and power
My sword is Willingness and Truth my shield
I wage a war against the demons within me
Worse than any movie or fantasy these demons are real
Great courage and bravery are needed to face them
Few have had the strength to follow or join me on the path
Many have I seen turn back
And so I have become skilled in the art of single combat
I have been fighting long and hard
My struggle has often been lonely
There are but few obstacles left in my way
The greatest treasure I have won is a real and ever increasing certainty that I am the answer to all my questions, all my desires, and all my needs
Had I known that vulnerability and openness could get me so far I would have made them my abilities much sooner
The recent battles have been hard and yet my castle, once far away is now on the horizon.
I can see it’s light’s blazing in warm welcome and within it’s walls are peace, my mate, and much joy

Kevin Flynn and Clu

So this weekend I had the time, between seeing the girlfriend and relentless game grinding, to watch the film Tron Legacy and was somewhat excited about this after hearing from friends that it was a movie worth the watch.

Now before I start off saying what I think about this movie I have to admit that I have not seen the original Tron film so I am not sure if any elements from the first carry onto this film but anyway.

The opening to this movie actually gives people who have not seen the first Tron a little bit of a catch up of sorts when Sam Flynn’s (Who was palyed by Garret Hedlund) father, Kevin Flynn (Who is played by Jeff Bridges) is talking to him about his adventures within “The Grid” which is a place that Kevin Flynn created where data comes to life and apparently contains a lot of neon lights anyway this perfect night for Sam Flynn ends with his father riding off after making promises to return and finish his story and never returning…Cliche I know but I did like the little snippit of information that Kevin Flynn gives out when he tells the story so you have some vague idea of what’s going on.

It picks up when Sam Flynn is now a young man and is looking for his father which leads him into the digital world “The Grid” and my first thoughts of the graphics used to create this dark neon world was that it was stunning, the varying colours of the neon filled streets mixed with the dark background and futuristic buildings left me slightly in awe. Another thing that for one pounded my ears and two swept me away was the soundtrack to this virtual world, which was composed by the artists Daft Punk who make a cameo appearance later in the film, the bass pounding with the techno sounds do add to the futuristic feel to this film but also a dark ominous atmosphere.

Now for the storyline ALERT SPOILERS ALERT!

For starters there are plot holes you can see coming from a mile away in this film, like you knew that Kevin Flynn was going to die when he re-intergrates with Clu his android clone who goes insane with power and wants to take over the real world to make the “Perfect System”.
This distracted me for fully enjoying this film like I wanted too, I knew what was going to happen later in this film just from a few words spoken from an actors mouth, it was like saying surprise me to a friend and know they will bring you the same thing…Big surprise. So at some points instead of seeing a person die and going “Well that’s one of the list of who is doing to die in this film” I instead was looking around for something more interesting on the walls of my room.

In conclusion Tron Legacy is a great film in terms of visuals and sound but in terms of storytelling it’s so obvious you could tell half the film before it happens, so it’s worth a watch just try not to get so excited about it.

Rock, Paper, AWESOME!

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This too is awesome!

This was me and a few friends attempting to mix comedy into our rythmic match. I storyboarded this video ;D

Awesome Five!

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It’s awesome!

This is just a piece of work showing off our skizzle with match on action shots.